Wednesday, March 4, 2015


OK- This is the official DAM DogRanch ArtWorks page.

We will talk about Art, Motorcycles, making vinyl records with a WW ll era lathe, documentaries about crazed local animator Roy Taylor, the Clash's mysterious Texas Punk Rock connection, Graphic Novel projects about Travis County's Finest Bed and Breakfast (the Dell Valle jail) and Travis County's Finest Spa and Rejuvenation Center (the SMART Treatment Center), Coffee Table books on Texas Prison Tattoos, musings about public transportation (or the lack thereof) in Austin, Texas and....Luna of course, will be watching over the whole endeavor as the DAM DogRanch ArtWorks wrangler and trail boss. Also whatever the fuck else we happen to think of at any given point in a 24 hour period.

wait for it comes.....don't be's gonna be OK...

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!!!!!! (cue surprise horror music here) We will talk about how shitty the mental health care system in Texas is, what you have to be committed to do (and be committed into) to get effective care . It does exist, you have to be fairly patient and creative to get the care needed to stay somewhat sane and productive in our big bad worlds. There are some amazing caregivers out there (one of which is a Benevolent Gnome, just try and figure that one out, as they share DNA with Trolls) and they are just as frustrated as the goobers (myself included) who desperately need their input to stay alive, not curled around a bridge abutment with a sign that says "I fucking just don't fucking care what happens to me, I don't even have the energy or wherewithal to kill myself...please run me over or give me a dollar for a tallboy, your choice"

Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, PTSD, Ghosts and Nightmares, Suicide (attempts successes and otherwise)...its all fair game....and quest for Electro Convulsive Therapy...yes One Flew over the McMurphy malarkey....

Oh and we will post some shit for sale, etc....this is a gosh darn business for Sweet Baby Jesus get ready to spend some money...gotta have resources for treating the abject crazy occupying my brain (Bob) who is trying to kill me....don't be scared, it will be mostly funny with some semi useful crap inserted in there at random and inopportune times. We welcome comments of any type, however we reserve the right to go off on vicious self depriving diatribes (especially anything to do with Journey being a great band, its not true, they are Satan Spawn, they suck so bad that middle of his head parted crooner, geographically knowledge impaired Steve Perry wont even front them anymore. They had to troll the inter web to find a Filipino man child wearing leather underwear to be their new singer.)  

Speaking of Journey:

Watch this:

It is the absolute worst music video ever made. Fuck you MTV. The fact that there is a Bic Mac commercial right before it just proves how horrifying Journey is and what they have done to the human race.

Now watch this:
A shot for shot remake...fucking brilliant except for the song is singing in the would be infinitely better if there was a Ron Jeremy porn soundtrack playing in the background (that reference is for you Fixer)

Enough for now...yes, I know there are a lot of misspellings and typos in this first missive. We forgot to turn on the spell check and don't feel like going back and fixing any of if your are a grammarian (that's probably misspelled as well), have fun with this...feel free to post corrections but we will come back with some very non PC criticism of your have been warned...


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