Sunday, March 15, 2015

Luna Goes Under the Knife

OK-this here blog has already far outstripped the last blog I had up. It was called the DA Dog Ranch...I probably managed an entry every 18 months or so or something like that. A combination of lethargy, depression, delusions of grandeur, all that shit....anyway, I was going to start this on with a shit load of mental health stuff. I will get to that later but the main area of contention in my addled brain at the moment is Luna's well being.

Who is Luna, you ask?  Luna is the Camp Boss at the DAM DogRanch. She has been hanging out with me for eleven years or so.  We got together when she was about 6 months old. I was probably about the same age mentally.

She was residing at the Town Lake Animal shelter here in Austin, Texas. The shelter is now no kill but was not at that time. My then wife and I had been fostering some dogs and I had gone in to clean up some paperwork related to those endeavors. Also, Didjit, my mom's favorite Grand Dog had died after hanging out with me for about 16 years (she is the D in DAM). I was fucking sad beyond repair and still am about Didjit dyeing. Anyway, i was talking to one of the guys who worked there at the time and we stopped next to the pen where Luna was habitating. She walked up to the fence and stuck her paw through.  Tender guy told that she never did that, pretty much hated everyone and other dogs and was about to be moved to the kill side (yes, the proper term is euthanasia, but lets call a duck that fucks, what it is, it's a fucking duck). So, we took her to the play area and she basically just sat down next to me and put her paw on my leg. I took her home. My then wife was not overly happy about it but that marriage was dyeing before it even got started so I made the right choice.

It turns out that Luna is a Blue Lacy which just happens to be the State Dog of Texas. They were bred in Central Texas by the Lacy family starting in the 1850's to herd cattle and hunt wild hogs.

They were bred from coyotes, greyhounds and wolves.Hows that for a combination.

So, Luna is solo pup at the ranch at them moment. She coexisted with Moby and Allie for quite a while but more on them later.

Luna is going in for surgery in the morning to get some olive sized crystals taken out of her bladder. I am going to ask the vet to save them so we can make some weird fucking jewlery.

I am freaked the fuck out. Luna is my best friend and over the last few years has taken on Service Dog duties related to my various mental health debacles.

Yes, this is easy surgery, yes, I trust the vet. I am still freaked the fuck out nonetheless.

Post surgery, I'll write more and post the xrays, etc....send kind thoughts our way....


  1. Sending positive thoughts Luna's and your way:)

  2. Jason, what the heck is up with that photo up there?! Love and light to you and Luna 💙

  3. hey Roxie, thats "Ghost Dog on the Lunar Landscape" its a panorama of Luna gone awry...thanks for the kind words...

  4. Oh, hah! THAT was kinda freaking me the fuck out. Glad all is well over there. -Rachelle aka Roxie.

  5. so, you answered another question
    from that beyond where you retreated
    without anyone else