Monday, March 16, 2015

LUNA Under the Knife Part Deux

Luna is under the kind care of the great folks at Travis Country:

She will of course do absolutely fine there but that does not make me any less of a fucking giant, swirling, soul sucking shit brained, neurotic mess. I will be in this mindset until this afternoon when I get to see her again and bring her home to the ranch. She will be wearing the cone of shame but I paid extra for the extra special pain meds so hopefully she will be comfortable.

By the way, if you take your companion to the dog doctor and don't pay extra for the extra special pain meds, you are unworthy of dog companionship, if you are reading this and you are one of those people, go fuck yourself.

Anyway, as noted previously, Luna is my best friend and fairly constant companion. We have been together for 11 years and trying to imagine life with out her around is daunting, mind numbingly depressing with sadness flavored icing and entirely counterproductive to my generally crappy mental health status. To think of this is extremely useless and does not meet my values, so Bob, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention but I'm not gonna ACT on this thought.

Bob is the name I have given my thought processes. He is named in honor of Bob Dobbs, the Ultimate Giver of Slack:

Bob, is of course the figurehead leader of The Church of the Subgenius:

We of course believe in absolutely non of this shit just like we do not believe in any other religion, deity, Beelzebub, rat god, sphagetti monster...etc...etc..

Anyway, I have a lot of conversations with Bob, mainly telling him to relax. I learned about this from a book recommended to me by The Benevolent Gnome (She of the "you  need to unfuck yourself" mantra) called "The Happiness Trap":

Its a defusion technique to separate these unkind thoughts from reality. Thats my interpretation anyway and it seems to be working in the moment so I just keep doing it. We will discuss more of this later.

Send your thoughts Luna's way. I need her back in one piece (minus those olive sized deposits in her bladder which I asked the Vet to save for me so I can take a picture and post here later and maybe make a magical amulet out of).

Ok, my head hurts and the keyboard is acting up again (new one is hopefully arriving today after which I will be beating this one with a hammer wihile the Bad Brains play Pay To Cum:

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