Friday, March 20, 2015

Thank you Miss Chrissie....schoolboy crush 1979...Brass in Motherfucking Badass Pocket....

OK-this is gonna be a brief one. It's 10:35 on a Friday night. We just got the new mac mini up and running. An old friend from my San Antonio Punk Rock days works for Apple now and got us an insanely cool deal on a state of the art (yeah, I already know it was obsolete before the payment cleared, but give me my small victory here) mac mini, highest end of what is currently available. We are an analog household with a begrudging respect for technology.  On the vintage veterinary table the mac is on, right next to it is a 1941 Presto K8 Record Lathe that we hope to be soon making real live records, "hand cut" one at a time. To our left, X's Under the Big Black Sun is playing on the turntable. Yes vinyl, music sounds better on vinyl (yes, live is bad ass as well, but recording wise, its vinyl). We were listening to Poison 13's "First You Dream" earlier. To finish off the night, we are going to listen to side 2 of The Pretenders first album.

I lived in England in the late 70's.  The Pretenders came out with "Brass in Pocket". They had a video in which Chrissie Hynde wore a waitress outfit and the boys in the band came into her diner. Pete Farndon, who was actually coupled with Chrissie at the time looks like a complete badass in the video and on the cover of the album, greasy rocker hair and that fucking cool leather jacket with the Triumph Motorcycle patch on the left shoulder. Honeyman-Scott is wearing a fucking snap western of all things and Martin Chambers' sideburns are sharp enough to poke your fucking eye out.  But its Chrissie in the red leather and the smoldering eyes.  And that fucking video. My first schoolboy crush....thank you Miss Chrissie....

Brass in Pocket

Also, here is an xray of Luna's recent travails: those olive shaped objects in the space right in front of her hip bones are bladder stones, they are fucking ridiculous. The Doc took them out so Luna is a cone head at the moment. She has to go back to the vet tomorrow for another antibiotic shot and to get the wound sight checked.

For those of you waiting with baited breath for more mental health news, stay tuned. hopefully, within the next couple of days, I'll get some done. I don't write about that troublesome shit from the Dog Ranch locale or especially this late at night or Bob will tear me a new one.  I do have some updates but it will have to wait till I'm off sight. 

The record is almost done playing...we fade out to "Mystery Achievement" 

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  1. Love, love Brass in Pocket-wanted to be her when I was younger lol