Monday, April 20, 2015

All This Electricity is Making me Nauseous...

One of the pleasant side effects (i.e: a shitty side effect I do not like at all) is the nausea that goes along with the knockout drugs they give me before they zap me. I wake up feeling dizzy and crappy. I then get wheeled  out to the parking lot by the young British kid who works there. My friend Michael gave me a ride today. So far, Michael, Mig and the Fixer have all given me a ride. The last couple of times I have been pretty loopy much to my friends joy. So, side effects are nausea and headache...since we have been on an X kick lately. here is vintage X doing Nausea.
OK-so far, I am not liking the shock treatments....I have had seven sessions so far. The Doc told me today they would be doing 4 more at this dosage which is maxed out for the unilateral treatment and then reassess.

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