Thursday, April 23, 2015

Better Science Through Guessing

I don't even know what to write at the moment. I am 8 sessions in to ECT and have not had any measurable positive effect. All my sessions have been Right Unilateral so far. This means that they are shooting the electricity into the right side of my brain. They have done this 8 times now...a couple more like this and then then they start going through both sides of my brain, bilateral. I am just going to assume that is where we are heading as nothing seems to be catching on so far. Where is the science behind this? It really is just kind of a wild ass guess, it works, just not real sure how. The following is from The University of Michigan Health System:

Electroconvulsive therapy involves applying a brief electrical pulse to the scalp while the patient is under anesthesia. This pulse excites the brain cells causing them to fire in unison and produces a seizure.

EEG Seizure Activity

EEG Seizure Termination
The specific reason for the positive action of ECT is unknown, but this treatment appears to have many effects. There are multiple theories to explain why ECT is effective. One theory suggests that the seizure activity itself causes an alteration of the chemical messengers in the brain known as neurotransmitters. Another theory proposes that ECT treatments adjust the stress hormone regulation in the brain, which may affect energy, sleep, appetite, and mood.

See, its PFM (Pure Fucking Magic). I personally really do not care how it works, just that it does. I am sick of being despondent and sad for most of my working hours. C'mon magical science. There is a ton of debate on either side of the shock/no shock equation, go figure.  A lot of folks think it is barbaric and should not ever be allowed.  I feel I should point out that I am a 100%  willing participant and gladly climb up on that table and get put under 3 times a week and have the electrodes scramble my brain.

Follow this link to hear from a guy who is anti ECT : ECT no bueno

I am generally fatigued and cranky and am still lining up a ride for tomorrow so I think I am going to shut this down for now, clean the hovel and take Luna out for a jaunt in the creek beds.

more to follow as the saying goes...

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