Thursday, May 14, 2015

So, I'm getting whackadooed on both sides of my head now. A Doc starts an IV, I go to sleep, Then I get shocked. My friend Mookie took me today and I basically woke up in her car halfway home. Problem was, I forgot my phone, my knife, my wallet in the locker. This shit is really fucking with me and it is not changing anything cuz I am still fucking depressed, I really do not feel any better. I am not really sure what will happen next, surgery possible for an electrical implant. I'm game for whatever, hoping something works so I can pull my head out of the confusion and some kind of light comes on and I stop wanting to off myself....

Wanna learn something about mental health? Go here:  The Benevolent Gnome knows what the fuck she is talking about....

What else today? I can't remember a bunch of my passwords to get into bank sights etc...So I am in the process of trying to find them all. I thought I set them all the same but evidentley I didn't so I get to go through the process of trying to figure everything out.

I finallydid something enjoyable last night and went and ate at pretty much my favorite restaraunt in Austin, VESPAIO. My friend Mookie and her friend joined me and we had a nice meal at the bar.

We then walked over to THE CONTINENTAL CLUB to watch Jon Dee Graham and the Fighting Cocks as well as his son William's band, The Painted Redstarts. There was evidentley a Record Label Scout to see William's band which is incredibly cool as that shit just doesn't really happen anymore.

Jon Dee and I talked about the DAM Dog Ranch Record Projects coming soon.  I have a WW2 era Presto Record Lathe that we will be cutting records on.  A song one one side with art on the other, in Jon Dee's case it will most definitely be one of the bears he draws.  These will be a limited editon, most likely no more than 50, hopefully by the end of summer when I get some rewiring done on the ancient machine.

OK folks, this is a short entry, I need to get on the way to see the new Mad Max Fury Road.  George Miller got rid of Mel Gibson and fired Tina Turner's hair did, brought if Tom Hardy and a one armed Charlize Theron. The ToeCutter is back as well.

OK, hopefully something interesting in the next blog when I am not so fucking depressed and may be my brain is not bouncing around from getting zapped. Back to that again tomorrow.

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