Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Way Back Machine...

The Davy Benefit last night was a spectacular success. Over 10,000 dollars was raised at at the door and another butt load at the silent auction. Davy was well enough to get up on stage to play a couple of times and the bands sounded great.

There were people I ran into that I had not seen in at least 25 years if not longer in some cases, reaching back to the Bone Club days. People that I met when I toured with the Hickoids eons ago as well.

Had lots of folks asking me about my electrical shocking issues from the last few weeks as well. That's on hold for right now, back there is several days to talk to the experts about how it has worked out (or not as the case may be) Not sure if its an operation next or we just give up.  It really has wreaked havoc with my memory.

Please cut me some slack if I forget something or even don't remember who you are....a big thanks to all the people who are driving me around, getting safely back and forth to my appointments to get zapped, I could not do it without y'all, that is for sure. Michael, Caitlin,Mookie, Mig and whomever I am forgetting.

The guys at Electric 13 Did a great job on my left wrist commemorating the electricity in my head:

OK Gang....I'm out of here for easy...

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