Monday, June 8, 2015


Good Morning gang o' pals....three weeks post last ECT session and I am able to form memories again...figuring what happened during tha 3 minth time frame has been comical, challenging, and a little bit worrying. Luckily, I did not go on a homicidal rampage or walk naked down congress avenue on a first Thursday although I am not sure anyone would notice that anyway.

I still have a fuck load (that's a lot) of memory issues. I can't remember the names of people I have know for decades, restaurants I have eaten at numerous times, passwords (that is a fun problem to have, OK not really)...I cannot find a bunch of stuff that I put away during my ECT blackout (thats the only term that seems to fit)

Lots more later but wanted to get the basics my John Doe summer haircut so at least  have gotten something productive done...

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  1. you'll never see this
    and you'll never kno
    but you mattered