Monday, June 29, 2015

FaceBook Is Not Always Our Enemy (and a public service announcement from BLACK FLAG)

Yes, I am on FaceBook.  Yes I have multiple pages and belong to a bunch of groups, like a lotta stuff my "friends" post up, etc...etc...I am annoyed at it most of the time. But it really is not as Evil as I would make it out to be and in spite of it's seemingly random posting rules, I do get some use out of it and it does spread the word pretty well....

There is this page: Depression: We Gotta Break Free

The DogRanch started this page as a way for people to share with each other how they get through the day while suffering from Depression, Anxiety, BiPolar, SUD....etc...etc....

Hit the link and go take a gander....

DEPRESSION:We Gotta Break Free

And once again: BLACK FLAG lays out on the line and stomps on it loud, jump around wherever you are and sing along, the lyrics are right there!

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