Sunday, July 5, 2015

Semicolon Project Re-Examined...DAM DogRanch says No Bueno...Say Hello To THE ELLIPSIS PROJECT...LIFE MOVES ON...WHAT'S NEXT?

I ended my last post with this:


Huh?  If you look upwards at this missive (assuming you actually made it this far down), there is an ass load of semicolons up there. I got this from The SemiColon Project. Basically don't stop with a period, put a SemiColon in there and keep going. A lot of people are getting the SemiColon tattooed on them (I and the GF are going to see Mig at Electric 13 on Sunday to get them) You of course can draw them on yourself or even just read about the project.

N and I had decided to show our allegiance to the project by going to get tattooed with some form of the semicolon. Our experiences with our own mental health issues and those of our loved ones and many other people out there...we felt...deserved a visible mark

The piece I had seen on it and what I referred to was from a girl who was honoring her father who...who committed suicide. This morning...while waiting to go to Electric 13 to have my lifelong friend Mig tattoo us, we did some research and discovered that The Semicolon Project describes itself as a faith based orginization. That in and of itself is not neccessarily a problem...I mean...if it is helping people ok...but it has descriptions of alligning with christ that are problematic. The kicker is that one of the sponsors is an Evangelical organization that puts forth beliefs that The DAM DOG Ranch can absolutely NOT SUPPORT.

The link sends you to a sight that lays out their belif system as being strictly Supreme Court rulings would not be supported by these people.

While the Semicolon Project said it welcomes all faiths, we here at the Dog Ranch have been exposed to a lot of that kind of approach in our youth. We cannot support it at all. Everyone needs to make their own decision and if anyone found out about the project through our postings here, make your own decisions.  We however will have nothing to do with it and regret that we did not do research and practice due diligence before chamfpioning the project.

N and I talked for a long time and consulted with Mig as well and we figured out that the ELLIPSIS (otherwise known as DOT...DOT...DOT) which you see all over  above in place of the semicolon has a special meaning as well... It means we are moving on, everything changes, we progress...LIFE MOVES ON...WHAT'S NEXT?  

Welcome to the beginning of THE ELLIPSIS PROJECT...LIFE MOVES ON...WHAT'S NEXT?...This is what the DogRanch supports.  These are the tattoos we got to start this...


as the ellipsis says...there is a lot more to come!


  1. fill in the blanks... pround to part of this with you

  2. Thank you for digging into the The Semicolon Project! I was very interested in it as well.I suffer from Depression and all that goes with with it. I too was going to even get a tattoo as well to remind me that my story isn't over. I would like to join you in your Ellipsis Project. Thank you for starting this project and helping those of us to understand.."there is a lot more to come."