Sunday, August 2, 2015

Looking Backwards Towards Sonic Retribution

Ok- I am 50 years old. I was born exactly one year after one of my favorite movies, "The Haunting" (it is a profoundly fucking frightening movie to this day) was released.

I still consider myself a punk (rocker). Whatever...Fuck it...

I have written about my primary favorite bands quite a bit, now its time to look at some of the others that have shaped my existence....

Here is a list of some seminal motherfuckers that I still crawl back to...I promise (sort of) to write more about each of these in the no particular order (really, no order, just entering them as they come out of my jumbled brain):

Husker Du
Tales of Terror
Scratch Acid
Orange Donuts
Marching Plague
Naked Raygun
Poison 13
Meat Puppets

more when i think of them.....see ya later fucktards

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