Saturday, September 19, 2015

Consistency is obviously not my strong suit...

Ok...I keep posting cryptic silliness and not following up...I know..for the handful of people who actually read this silly bullshit, it can be frustrating.

I have been on a listless, just need to get through the day routine for several months now. an effort to hold myself accountable, here is what I need to get done within the next week:

Get June Carter (my Triumph Thruxton) registered, running right, legal etc...
Get over to Communities For Recovery to follow up on my volunteer paperwork
Finish cleaning up the hovel
Make another attempt at getting the lathes to work

This is a really boring post, sorry....

I'm not going to make any pledges about consistent posts or anything like that just yet but hopefully that will be coming.

Here is where I am on FaceBook


DAM DogRanch Artworks

Some hopeful messages about Depression possibly:

Depression: We Gotta Break Free

This is Luna's FaceBook Page:


More later this week...I promise...

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  1. You are doing great! Better than me as far as consistently blogging.. life gets in the way..keep on keeping on J Peace Love and Light to you and yours. C.