Friday, September 4, 2015

Tear Down The Walls... suicide talk just yet.

I have been in a class all week. The class I am in is a Peer Coaching Class. I am learning how to maybe, possibly help other people with similar diagnoses to my own substance abuse and mental health issues to navigate the treacherous waters towards the shore.

Whats on the shore, you  may ask?. Well, after fighting off the sharks, jellyfish, piranhas and those little tiny creatures that swim into the opening at the end of one's penis, you have to get all of the gummy oil scrubbed off your skin, the plastic six pack ring cut off from around your neck, and then escape all the self righteous, smelly hippies hovering over you....

The class is great, intense, depressing, boring, weird, enlightening, cringe inducing, amusing, pissy, annoying...sometimes all of these things in the same ten minute time period.

Heres the key:

Learn from the person you are trying to help, use your own experience but do not work under the assumption that everybody is going to take the same path that you are on...


  1. Wow! That's great Jason! Keep up the good work. You can count me as one of the people that you helped ya know. I'm glad that you are continuing on the road to recovery, no matter how slowly...I'm sure the classes are good although as you said also boring, amusing,intense and sometimes depressing. On a side note I love reading your blogs because for one thing you're so descriptive with your words sometimes and your analogies are sometimes the balls! lol

    My own journey with substance abuse(I'm ASSUMING) you mean alcohol has been a strange one... but I never went to any meetings at all. In 1976 or so I "cold-turkeyed" from the dreaded "liquid dream killer shit" one week-end on my own, but in 1982 while at SAC I totally fell off the wagon to such a great degree that I never finished my two degrees I had earned while at SAC. It haunts me that I didn't do that..forgot almost an entire year in 83-84 because of booze and heavy duty drugs. Nothing you can do about the past but forget it and move on.

    I hope that you continue to do well and inspire others to help themselves like you have me. Yes, my family and a few friends from S.A. have all nearly begged me to seek help but it wasn't until I read your blogs, and realized that I absolutely had to do something. At 61 I can't fall into the "Rabbit Hole" again...I have a son, a grandson and family and friends that care a great deal for me and that's about the ONLY thing that stops me from truly just offing myself.

    Thank you so much Jason for having the courage and bravery to speak out about your own struggles, your own own journey into the "Dark Abyss" of your mind and come out fighting with everything you have. You do have friends and loved ones that care very much or you and you need to stay strong and continue to fight towards getting better. Count me as one of those friends if yo are so inclined, because I do care.

    Peace and love and light to you Jason, you are a wonderful person and you deserve to have peace in your life.

  2. P.S. the Clown really speaks to me..I actually feel that way sometimes. I understand it oh so well....