Saturday, June 16, 2018

well...its been a while

Its been a solid 18 months or so since I last wrote anything for this blog. The Dog Ranch moved out into the county just outside of a little town called Lytton Springs. There is not much there except for a  couple of convenience stores (one that seems to be closed down for now), couple of churches, a Masonic Lodge and an elementary school.

The ranch is an acre and 1/3 and includes the trailer home we live in (the dogs and I), an older trailer that is my studio (not that I have done much in it) and another workshop on a slab except the roof is mostly gone so it does not really work as a workshop any more.

The plan is to fence up around the workshop and get some chickens. One of these days perhaps. I need to get electricity into the studio because after a grass fire last summer, the electricity quit working in that building. The plan is buy a rechargeable generator and then use solar panels to keep it charged. Once again, one of these days.

I work in town at BookPeople as a manager. Its an ok job, does not pay very well, but gets me by. But I am driving in 5 days a week and lately have been in a depressive dip that leaves me very little energy for anything else.

I did manage to get a non profit started to help people around where I live to get their dogs fixed. Lots of country dogs running around fucking and creating other country dogs. Caldwell County is rife with loose dogs, the shelter in Lockhart is overrun. Have managed to get a few dogs fixed but the aforementioned energy level has kept me from pursuing much more that word of mouth at the moment.

Four dogs live at the ranch now. Luna is still there of course. She is 15 now, very grey and noticeably slower but still seems to be going ok. Polly Jean is there, she is a 8 month old puppy I got from the neighbor when I had a girlfriend living with me. She has since decamped to Montana, where she was from (the girlfriend, not Polly Jean; Polly Jean is still there, probably destroying something of mine and dragging it into the back yard. There are the twins as well; 2 Chihuahua mixes, also from next door who used to be outside dogs over there. But they were not fixed and kept wondering off and both got mauled by other bigger dogs. Rudy almost died, we spent a boatload of money on an emergency vet and that's how the non profit got started. So Rudy and his brother The Captain live there now as well. They are technically fosters but I really honestly don't see them going anywhere. Rudy has permanent damage to his throat that give him breathing problems and he could not be put to sleep so he could be fixed. They are good little guys, not really a problem having them around and they play with Polly Jean which keeps her out of Luna's space; who has no desire to play. She does referee them when they get to rough and will growl at them to get them to calm down.

This is all I have time for at the moment but I need to get out of this funk so will try to write at least once a week. There is a lot going on in my head at the moment that needs to get out, so be prepared. Some will be funny, some unpleasant, all of it honest....

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  1. Rudy and The Captain are city pups now
    they miss the ranch
    and you